5 skincare treatments that take less than an hour!

When our schedules involve school runs, work, deadlines and a social life it can be challenging to fit everything in. However, that doesn’t mean that your skin should suffer! Sophie from Premier Laser Clinic got in touch to tell me about 5 treatments that take less than 60 minutes so no more excuses, it’s time to treat yourself!

These treatments use proven ingredients and techniques to revitalise your complexion and ease common skin issues, with the added bonus of involving little to no downtime. Perfect for squeezing into your day!

Vitamin C Peel

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: £90 per session

Downtime: none

Who is it suited for: Ideal for anyone with sensitive acne and rosacea prone skin who feels their skin could be rejuvenated and brightened.

The Vitamin C peel gently removes dead skin cells from the outer layers of your skin and penetrates into the deeper layers to encourage it to renew itself. Anti-oxidants including Vitamins A, C and E are all infused within the peel to guarantee a refreshed, glowing complexion.

Available at: Soho, Clapham, Fulham, Notting Hill, Aldgate, Kingston and Liverpool Street

Celebrity favourite! Binky of Made in Chelsea is a big fan of the treatment for revitalising her skin when it is looking tired and lacklustre.

Binky - Vitamin C Peel.JPG

Anti-Ageing Peel

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: £90 per session

Downtime: None

Who is it suited for: Anyone who wants a collagen boost and to reduce their wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

The Anti-Ageing Peel contains glycolic and retinol ingredients and is designed to boost your collagen production and cell renewal for firmer, younger looking skin. The peel combats fine lines and wrinkles whilst lightening sun spots and hydrating the skin; it is a fantastic option for anyone feeling run down with advanced signs of ageing beginning to show.

Available at: Clapham, Soho, Notting Hill, Aldgate, Kingston, Fulham and Liverpool Street

O2 Lift Peel

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: £90 per session

Downtime: None

Who is it suited for: Those in need of a skin pick me up!

The O2 lift peel uses only oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and enzymatic botanicals on the skin, providing a natural but powerful combination and leaving your complexion refreshed and luminous. Perfect after a busy few months and in the lead up to summer!

Available at: Clapham, Aldgate and Notting Hill

Anti-Acne Peel

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: £90 per session.

Downtime: None

Who is it suited for: Those with oily/combination skin that suffer redness and adult acne.

The Anti-Acne Peel restores the skin following an acne breakout and reduces the frequency and intensity of future spots. The peel uses Beta Hydroxy Acids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to heal existing blemishes and reduce the concentration of acne causing bacteria on the skin. This in turn helps to rebalance the skins natural oils, resulting in a smoother and more even complexion. This is ideal for mothers experiencing an outburst of adult acne since having children.

Available at: Clapham, Soho, Notting Hill, Aldgate, Kingston, Fulham and Liverpool Street

PL&SC Notting Hill reception.jpg

Dermapen Skin Microneedling

Time: 30 minutes

Cost: From £200 per session

Downtime: 24 hours

Who is it suited for: Anyone who suffers with acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores.

Dermapen Microneedling is a results driven, advanced treatment that triggers collagen production in the dermis by creating minuscule areas of trauma with tiny titanium micro-needles. As the collagen is produced the surrounding tissue is plumped and the raised effect of any acne scarring and hyperpigmentation considerably reduced.

Available at: Notting Hill, Clapham, Soho, Aldgate, Kingston, Virginia Water, Fulham and Liverpool Street

Celebrity favourite! Anthony Watson, star of the England Rugby team found the Dermapen treatment perfect for reducing scarring on his face caused by heavy contact during games.

anthony-watson dermapen.jpg 

Have a little more time?

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We’re expanding – Babysitters of London Husbands

Hello everyone

I wanted to share the exciting news of our latest service offering: Babysitters of London Husbands (BOHL). Find out more from our very official press release below. If you would like to book a sitter for your husband, please email Anna: acameron@bokac.co.uk.


BOKAC launches Babysitters of London Husbands

Following the company’s successful expansion to South London (Babysitters of Southwark), Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea have been carefully considering their next move. Taking into account a multitude of requests from clients – BOLH (pronounced Bol) has been born!

For minimum of three hours, a BOLH babysitter will be in charge of supervising your husband. Activities will include gardening, watching sports, cooking (lessons are provided for an additional fee), hunting for ‘lost’ items within eyesight and cleaning.

Founder, Anna Cameron says “The amount of wives and husbands needing time away from their husbands was astonishing. We decided to trial BOLH, not expecting it to be as successful as it was. The immediate feedback was so positive that we have decided to launch it on a long term basis. It may even overtake our traditional babysitting offering.”

Regular parent Kelly Whittles, Kensington, UK was one of the first to trial BOLH:

“The idea sounded a bit peculiar at first, but the thought of being able to go to my French class and gym without thinking of what Tim was up to was a bit of a blessing. Susie, our BOLH babysitter, was incredible. When I returned three hours later Tim was looking refreshed and fed; he even fed the children! We will definitely be using BOLH again.”

Top tips for seamless babysitting

BOKAC babysitters.png
You may have noticed that we have registered quite a few new babysitters this year, 15 to be exact. Not only are new families making use of our service but you are booking babysitters more often which is lovely to see! With this in mind, I thought I would put together my top 5 tips to make booking a babysitter as smooth as possible for you. We do also have an FAQs page and as always, myself or a member of the team will always be on hand to answer your questions. If there are aspects of the service that aren’t clear or if you think we could be doing something better, please do let me know.
Thank you for your support!


1. Timing is everything: Parents are able to book a babysitter up to 5 weeks in advance or with as little as 2 hours notice. For weekday evening appointments, you’ll often have a choice of babysitters within a few hours but for Friday or Saturday nights or day time appointments, we recommend loading a job request as soon as you know you will need a babysitter, since these are our busiest slots. It’s always worth loading a job request, even if it is last minute as availability can change or we sometimes have cancellations from parents.

2. Hedge your bets: We know that you will have your favourites or gravitate towards babysitters your children already know, which is completely understandable. However, to speed up the booking process, I recommend sending your requests out to all or as many babysitters as you feel comfortable with as this will save you having to cancel and re-load the job request if your usual 2-3 babysitters aren’t free. There is never any obligation to book a babysitter who marks themselves as free but this way, you’ll be aware of the options available.

3. Free the inbox: If you are receiving too many notifications, you can adjust your email settings via your website profile so that you only hear from available babysitters.

4. Communicate: We have an internal messing system which can be accessed once a babysitter has been booked. Make use of this by finding the email booking confirmation and clicking the link that says ‘messaging system’. Alternatively, you can log into your website account, click ‘bookings’, find the relevant booking and click ‘manage job’ (blue button) and then ‘message your babysitter’. The internal messages are sent/received via email so you will know when your babysitter has replied and vice versa.

5. Move with the timings: If you book a babysitter you have not yet met and want the opportunity to get to know them or if you realise you would like to leave earlier/later or return earlier/later, you can adjust the start and end times via your website account. Log in, click ‘bookings’ (top right hand corner), find the booking and click ‘manage job’ (blue button), Click ‘need to adjust the times?’ (pink link at the top of the screen). Add/deduct time to adjust the appointment hours. A time change request will be sent to your babysitter and they will respond to say whether they accept/reject the time change, based on their schedule and if they are happy to work for more/less hours.
Please note: You will need to have credit on your account in order to request a time change as if the babysitter accepts, the appointment fee will automatically be adjusted. If you would like to reduce the length of the appointment less than 24 hours before the appointment is due to start, this would be subject to our cancellation policy of charging 50% for changes less than 24 hours before and 100% if cancelled less than 12 hours before. This is only applied to the time you wish to reduce the appointment by and is to protect our babysitters as they often accept appointments based on the hours they will work.