We’re expanding – Babysitters of London Husbands

Hello everyone

I wanted to share the exciting news of our latest service offering: Babysitters of London Husbands (BOHL). Find out more from our very official press release below. If you would like to book a sitter for your husband, please email Anna: acameron@bokac.co.uk.


BOKAC launches Babysitters of London Husbands

Following the company’s successful expansion to South London (Babysitters of Southwark), Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea have been carefully considering their next move. Taking into account a multitude of requests from clients – BOLH (pronounced Bol) has been born!

For minimum of three hours, a BOLH babysitter will be in charge of supervising your husband. Activities will include gardening, watching sports, cooking (lessons are provided for an additional fee), hunting for ‘lost’ items within eyesight and cleaning.

Founder, Anna Cameron says “The amount of wives and husbands needing time away from their husbands was astonishing. We decided to trial BOLH, not expecting it to be as successful as it was. The immediate feedback was so positive that we have decided to launch it on a long term basis. It may even overtake our traditional babysitting offering.”

Regular parent Kelly Whittles, Kensington, UK was one of the first to trial BOLH:

“The idea sounded a bit peculiar at first, but the thought of being able to go to my French class and gym without thinking of what Tim was up to was a bit of a blessing. Susie, our BOLH babysitter, was incredible. When I returned three hours later Tim was looking refreshed and fed; he even fed the children! We will definitely be using BOLH again.”


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