Vicky’s Post: Twisting by the Pool (4 of 5)

There’s nothing better than cooling off in a swimming pool during hot weather. My toddler definitely agrees and is obsessed with water: the sea, the local duck pond, swimming pool, paddling pool, she’s even happy with a tray of water for splashing in. Before she turned two I had a certain level of anxiety of her being around water and funnily enough also to dirt, food, animals, paint (the list is endless).

BOKAC twisting by the pool

Pretty accurate depiction for when a toddler and a paddling pool are nearby

I’ve learned to relax, breathe and go with the mothering flow these days.  So what if she decides to splash and soak herself and anyone within a 100 yard radius? As she pointed out to me recently “it’s only water mummy” and she’s right.  As long as she is safe around water at all times, I don’t want her to ever be scared to play and express herself playing with the wet stuff. I’ve learnt to take a deep breath and always carry a spare set of clothes around with me for us both.

Vicky is BOKAC’s Digital Mum in Training. You can read my recent post about her and Digital Mum’s here.

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