Vicky’s Post: Ice Ice Baby (3 of 5)

There is such a temptation to race to the freezer on hot sunny days for a cold sugary ice cream treat.  I’m not adverse to a 99 cone myself, but these days I feel there seems to be so much more pressure on parents to ply their children with ice cream at every opportunity during the summer.

BOKAC ice cream

Side note: Who remembers when 99’s were actually 99p?!

Out and about there is a frequent sight of an Ice Cream Van whirring away in every park. Blaring out their annoying chime-music at the most inappropriate times (usually around 7pm toddler bedtime). I have to be honest and put my hands up to say that I’ve actually told my toddler that when the ice cream man plays his jingly jangly tune it means that he has run out of ice cream. When she looked at me puzzled I explained further: “he plays it to let everyone know he has to go back to the factory for more ice cream”. She bought it. I am just waiting for her to tell the same story to a stranger on a packed train/bus, highlighting me as an uber strict mum who doesn’t allow her child any sugary delights.

You see, I do allow my toddler ice cream. But at the times I feel it’s appropriate.  It’s classed as a treat and not an everyday occurrence. I’m quite a fan of cliches so my mantra is “everything in moderation” and I always try to remember “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”.

Vicky is BOKAC’s Digital Mum in Training. You can read my recent post about her and Digital Mum’s here.

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