#SummerTimeOut Pick of the week

I’m writing this on a grey, drizzly, muggy morning – you’ve got to love London in July!

Despite the post-Wimbledon gloom, I’ve got high hopes for sunshine next week so this is a good time to take stock of the places I want to make a trip to this Summer. I’m starting with one of my favourite spots in London and somewhat of a hidden gem – Holland Park.

Nicknamed ‘the back garden’ for many of the pedigree pooches of Kensington and Notting Hill, Holland Park is an excellent place to escape the hustle and bustle of West London and enjoy some #SummerTimeOut.

Image from 'What's On In London'

Image from ‘What’s On In London’

Although many local families will already be familiar with the park due to the playgrounds and mountain of kid’s activities which take place there, it also has lots on offer for mums and dads looking to relax.

A must see are the beautiful Kyoto Gardens, arguably one of the most tranquil spots in London.

If you’re feeling fancy, book tickets to the opera and treat yourself to dinner at the Belvedere Restaurant.

The beautiful Belvedere Restaurant, smack bang in the middle of the park

The Ice House Gallery, which is tucked away behind the cafe (also a lovely spot for a cup of tea and/or an ice cream) is a tiny art gallery which changes hands every few months and is always worth a look.

Otherwise, Holland Park can’t be beaten when I’m in the mood for a quiet stroll. It’s small enough to be able to walk around in about 40 minutes, with lots of sheltered walkways which make it feel incredibly peaceful. The benches scattered throughout are all dedicated to loved ones and you really get a sense of how important Holland Park is and has been to so many local people and families throughout the years.

So block out a couple of hours for yourself, bring a book or a newspaper or simply lose yourself in thought. You’ll love it.

p.s If the rain holds up, you can always follow them on Twitter: @HollandPark_LDN

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