Vicky’s Post: Everyone’s Free (to wear Sunscreen) (2 of 5)

I adore the sun. When I say I love it – I really do. I am one of those annoying people on package holidays who aim for the same sun lounger around the pool. You know, the one that gets the sun the whole entire day? No dragging my sun lounger around chasing that giant-yellow-ball-of-heat in the sky. Nope. Not me. I literally worship the sun from dawn to dusk.


Hands up if you would like to be here right now

Despite this, from the moment my daughter was born I was convinced that the big ol’ sun was evil. In my head a second of exposure to the sun would make me a terrible mother. Cue acute Mummy paranoia, copious bottles of Baby Factor 50 sunscreen and several useless parasols for the buggy, pram, car seat (delete where appropriate).

Rightly so, we all know the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays without adequate protection. However and I’m sure I’m not alone here, us Mamas would smother our kids in Factor 100 sunscreen (if we could) and more than often, completely forget about ourselves.

I have lost count how many times already this summer I have forgotten to apply sunscreen to myself and have ended up with a burnt something or another. So Mummies and Daddies, when applying the suntan cream to your precious little ones – please don’t forget yourselves!

Vicky is BOKAC’s Digital Mum in Training. You can read my recent post about her and Digital Mum’s here.

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