Vicky’s post: Summer Mama (1 of 5)

Long lazy hazy summer nights.  Aaah I remember them well. Sipping chilled rosé wine from my plush comfortable sun lounger lapping up the very final glimpses of that glorious hot summer sun.  Designer shades on, chill out tunes playing softly in background.


Suddenly my summer dream bubble bursts as I get showered with a spade full of play sand and thwacked in the face with a bucket. I’m still reclining but on a stained and slightly sticky picnic blanket. Instead of chilled wine I have a glass of warmed up orange squash (complete with swimming fly). No chill out tunes just the shrieks and squeals of my two-year old as she throws the contents of her sand and water tray over me.  You see since my daughter was born – Summer has been a very different experience.

So here it is – a gift from me to you.  My personal guide on how to have a happy and healthy heatwave for you and your toddler (without too many summer sacrifices).

Stay tuned for post 2 next week!

Vicky is BOKAC’s Digital Mum in Training. You can read my recent post about her and Digital Mum’s here.


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