Turkey! #OfficeToday

Hello latte lovers

This edition of #OfficeToday may be a little bit of a commute for some of you but boy oh boy would it be worth the journey.

Last week, I was lucky enough to be on holiday in Turkey (near Bodrum) where I enjoyed a week of sun, sea, fresh fish and way too much baklava. Towards the end of each afternoon, I would seek shade for tea and a ginger snap (you can take the girl out of England..) but I also managed to sample a latte which was a surprising hit!

BOKAC latte turkey

This one was Lavazza coffee with lots of milk and topped off with soft foam, exactly how I like my lattes. The view of the water definitely contributed but I would say it was one of the most enjoyable coffee’s i’ve ever had.

Hotel coffee has a long held reputation for being vile but they slowly seem to be recognising that people aren’t happy to drink what can only be described as bitter dishwater and a good cup of coffee is something people will write home (and on TripAdvisor) about. Next stop will be free Wi-Fi, I know we’re supposed to be on holiday but it’s the 21st Century people!


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