I am a social media expert

In case you don’t follow Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea on social media, we are active on Twitter (@BabysittersofKC) Facebook (Facebook.com/BOKandC), Instagram (babysittersofkc) and Google+ (+BabysittersofKensingtonChelsea).

If you do follow us, you may have noticed that our channel content has recently shifted from disorganised, random, rambling thoughts into a slick, coherent, active entity. I would love to take credit for this but the truth is I have a secret weapon that i’d like to share with you.

Her name is Vicky and she is a Digital Mum.

BOKAC Digital mums

I first became aware of Digital Mums in February when Nikki got in touch to tell me about the programme. Their website describes it far better than I could so here is a bit about them:

“Mums are having a tough time at the moment. 1.2m mums are missing from the workplace. Another million want to work more hours. So many more struggle to fit their work around their family commitments and are fed up with their work-life balance.

Digital Mums removes these barriers by providing mums with social media management skills that allow them to set their own hours and work from anywhere. Ours is the only social media marketing training that has been designed with and for mums.

Everyone knows social media is vital for business, but thousands of SMEs and charities are struggling to use it effectively. So many could be using it to meet their business goals but they don’t know how or lack the time to do it.

Our qualified Digital Mums fix this problem. They are fully trained, have direct experience of developing and delivering strategic campaigns, and can work flexibly. Whether a business wants 20 hours a month or 20 hours a week, we have a Digital Mum to fit their needs.” 

BOKAC Digital mumI started working with Vicky in March and the experience has been absolutely amazing. She is surpassed all expectations in terms of ability and expertise (and I have pretty high standards!) and I have been flawed by her dedication, proactive attitude and creativity.

Vicky will be running a campaign for Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea which you will hopefully become aware of over the next few weeks. She has also written a few blog posts which I will post on the this blog.

If you are a mum and would like to develop, hone or accelerate your social media skills, I certainly think it would be worth getting in touch with Digital Mums. If you’re a business and want help with social media, I would be more than happy to share Vicky!


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