IOD #OfficeToday

When I started running BOKAC full-time, I joined the IOD on Pall Mall (you can read about this here) and generally go once a week. It’s great for when I need a change of scenery and if I have meetings, it’s a lot less awkward than hosting them in my bedroom.

However, there is for me, one major drawback to the IOD (apart from the fact that it is incredibly male dominated – at any one time i’d say the working rooms are filled 85% with men and I am yet to see a male waiter) which is that the coffee is really bad.

Now this is of course only in my humble opinion and I do not claim to be a coffee expert. I like my latte’s to have that nutty, smooth flavour and my favourite coffee (although I am yet to #OfficeToday it) is Nude Espresso. The IOD latte’s in comparison taste very bitter and have an almost metallic or burnt flavour. The milk is frothed to within an inch of its life and the whole package can be likened to bad hotel coffee spitting out of an ancient machine (think conference facility in a motorway hotel).

A half drunk latte with a lipstick stain is not easy on the eye but it didn't look that tasty to begin with

A half drunk latte with a lipstick stain is not easy on the eye but it didn’t look that tasty to begin with

Aside from the coffee, the IOD has a lot of plus points as a place to work from. It’s in a great location, the building is beautiful (if you like traditional decor) with high ceilings, lots of tables and the staff could not be nicer. The wifi is excellent and you can easily spend the day powering through your to-do list. Plus it looks mega impressive to people you’re meeting (I like to pretend that it is in fact all BOKAC HQ and everyone there is an employee but they’re just too engrossed in their work to bombard me with questions. 1% of the time, it works).

  • Coffee: 1/10
  • Ambience: 7/10
  • Price: 4/10 (it’s not expensive but £2.75 for a bad coffee is too much)
  • Good place to work: 8/10
  • Overall: 5/10

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