The Self-Employment Diaries: Day 8 (no Day 7)

“No Day 7!” I hear you cry, “What on earth have you been doing?”

Talking. Talking is what I have been doing. I have spent pretty much since 1pm yesterday until 1pm today talking solidly (I do talk in my sleep so that may actually be possible).

The reason for all this talking is because I have been joined on BOKAC (temporarily as of now but this remains to be seen) by a friend who is interested in being more heavily involved with the business. He first expressed his interest in November last year but as both he and I were working full-time on other things, nothing really came of it. In January, I received an email from him saying that he is now working 4 days a week until the end of March, after which he will be looking to start something new. He then offered to work with me for one day a week until that time to see whether we worked well together and whether he and I could see the potential and value in joining forces.

Whether to bring in a co-founder has been going back and forth in my mind for a while and a lot of what has put me off is the time it would take to find one. It seems to me that asking someone to ‘find a co-founder’ is a bit like asking to someone to ‘find a husband/wife’ i.e. not really something you can go actively looking for and if you do, it’s likely to end in the same way as most marriages…

BOKAC co-founder

However, having someone approach me who I both like and respect and who is enormously enthusiastic about BOKAC seems to solve that problem immediately.

Taking the advice I received from Forward Partners ( we spent a lot of time talking about marketing opportunities and how to grow the parent base within West and South-West London which also leads to talk on how much can and should be spent on new parent acquisitions etc.

It’s been great to have a fresh mind to bounce ideas off and to listen to. He is far more experienced with people management than I am and is definitely managing me to a large extent but this works well as I quite enjoy being given direction but am equally happy to take charge and make the final call when needed. We both agree that it has been fun as well as pretty exhausting as there is so much to consider (and the list has been growing with every minute) and I just hope that all the hard work pays off and we start to see some results soon! (hint hint for all your parent friends:


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