The Self-Employment Diaries: Day 4

After leaving the IoD , I attended an event held by NEF ( the programme I’m part of) called ‘Inspiring Women to Become Entrepreneurs’. I’m all for women supporting other woman and I’m certainly looking forward to a day where these kind of gender specific events aren’t necessary. The speakers were:

  1. Dessi Bell – Founder & CEO Zaggora
  2. Michelle Morgan – Co-Founder Livity
  3. Sarah Wood – Founder UnRuly Media

All three were incredibly charismatic, quick-witted and great to listen to with very practical advice. I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing and budgets this week so listening to Dessi talk about generating $40m revenue in 18 months with barely a penny spent on marketing was music to my ears.

Michelle left us with the thought that the key to a successful and enjoyable entrepreneurial career is: “Fun, Faith & Friendship” – I couldn’t agree more. Unless you’re enjoying running your business (OK some days you wont but broadly you’re having fun), truly believe in the potential of what you’re doing and that you meet and help people on the way, you might as well save yourself the stress and go back to employment. 

Day 4 started with an 8.30am meeting (love those, it’s a great excuse to get cracking nice and early) and because of the bus strike, also meant a slightly snowy walk to Parsons Green where I met Lindsay from Pure Lifestyles ( A mutual friend of ours put us in touch and said that we might have some things in common. I love meeting other business owners, learning about how they got started and sharing tips and contacts to help each other. As much as the word makes me cringe a bit, there really is such a great ‘community’ of young entrepreneurs and the people I meet are intelligent, fun and generally really great.

Lindsay was no exception and has been running Pure Lifestyles since 2011, the same time as BOKAC but she has always been full-time which is hugely impressive. We met at Cupcake Family Club ( – if you have children or live in the area, go! I had heard of it but hadn’t yet had a chance to see the place which is beautifully fitted out with a lovely cafe at the front (since Lindsay is a nutritionist and personal trainer, I decided to go for a green juice which has been somewhat cancelled out by the Twix I am eating right now..). 

Lindsay was telling me about the weekend retreats she has recently started organising which sound amazing! She can explain them much better than I can so here is some information from her below:

After running Pure Lifestyles, for 4 years I have recently branched out to setting up holistic health and fitness retreats in the UK and Portugal. Each retreat caters for all fitness abilities but what separates them from the rest is the home-made food I cook for you daily, ensuring you are always well fuelled with the perfect balance of nutrition. In all the work I do with clients I focus on long term plans for long term gains and the retreats are no different. This ensures you won’t leave a retreat feeling lost with the risk of falling back into bad habits. If you want some R & R away from the stresses of life my Relax and Revival Retreat is for you, but if you want to ramp up your fitness, book onto the Revive and Strive Retreat. My website can tell you far more information on the weekend retreats I offer and while you’re there check out the 7 day retreat to Portugal too! 

Lindsay retreat 1 Lindsay retreat 2 Lindsay retreat 3 Lindsay retreat 4

Since BOKAC and Pure Lifestyles cater for similar customers and in very similar locations, we know there can be lots of cross-over which is great! If you’re looking for one-to-one training sessions or are interested in a retreat, get in touch with Lindsay:


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