The Self-Employment Diaries: Day 3 – New BOKAC HQ!

Morning all,

Yesterday was my first day at the new BOKAC HQ – the IoD on Pall Mall ( Almost as soon as I made the decision to go full-time on BOKAC, I started looking into ‘office’ options as I knew working from home would drive me mad and I need to have that feeling of going to work and then leaving the office behind at the end of the day.

Startups are a pretty trendy thing in London at the moment and as such there are masses of co-working spaces to choose from. The problem is that the word ‘startup’ seems to have the same effect as ‘wedding’ in that it doubles the price of anything on offer. Most of the places I came across were asking for £200-300 per month and some of those came with restrictions on how many times their facilities could be used and weren’t even that nice.

I also often find that co-working spaces are the definition of ‘networking/not working’ in that people mill around looking stylish and talking about their various ventures but aren’t being all that productive. I’m a head down kind of person when I’m at work and just wanted somewhere quiet, with fast wi-fi where I can power through my to-do lists.

I learnt of the IoD from my NEF coach who is also a member. Membership is charged yearly and is a quarter of the price of most co-working spaces (especially if you’re under 30). They have a large Directors’ room where members can work from – it is pretty noisy but not so much so that you can’t hear yourself think and the room is spacious with high ceilings, lots of natural light and the location is perfect for me.It’s also great to finally have a place to meet babysitter applicants and other local businesses that isn’t a coffee chain.

The IoD Directors' Room - the booth table closest to you is where i'm typing from now!

The IoD Directors’ Room – the booth table closest to you is where I’m typing from now! (image from

As a member, I  can take advantage of various benefits which are here: (by the way, this isn’t sponsored by the IoD, I just want to share my findings!) and I’m looking forward to the events in particular.

Where do you work from and are there any reasonably priced co-working spaces that I might have overlooked?


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